Example Mind Map

Look no further! MindView is a Mind Map application that provides you with over 150 mind map examples ranging from business to educational Mind Map templates.

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Example Mind Map

The elements of a mind map are created relative to the importance of the ideas or concepts, and are classified into groupings, branches, sub-branches, or areas, with a goal of representing connections between the information.

A mind map is a graphical method of taking notes. The mind map radiates from the center and uses lines, words, symbols, images and color according to simple, brain-friendly concepts.

Educational Mind Map Examples

The curriculum-aligned educational Mind Map examples are based on the GA curriculum and created by subject teachers. The educational Mind Map examples cover a range of learning levels and can be used across the curriculum.

Business Mind Map Examples

The ready to use business mind map templates in MindView covers various aspects of mind mapping purposes such as brainstorming agendas,  critical thinking, decision making etc. There are also more task oriented Mind Map examples to improve project management such as launching a product and organizing a tradeshow. MindView contains different ways to layout the information for instance a timeline and a gantt chart, so not only is there mind maps examples included but also more professional project management templates for Work breakdown structure and Gantt charts.

Create Your Own Mind Map Examples

MindView lets you create Mind Maps and save them as your own templates. Such Mind Map examples can then be shared with colleagues or students to align work and procedures. You can even create different folders to organize your Mind Maps.